Brown University’s Departments of German Studies and of History and the Cogut Center for the Humanities were pleased to announce a joint interdisciplinary graduate student conference, entitled (Re)Making Myths: The Creation, Use, and Abuse of Myths in German Literature, History, and Culture, held April 22-23, 2011.

Our conference - jointly organized by the German Studies and the History Department and engaging scholars from all fields in the Humanities - fostered stimulating and fruitful communication between varied disciplines such as literary criticism, history, cultural studies, and political science. Panels and discussion sessions provided a forum for the exchange of ideas between Brown’s faculty and students and contributors from other universities. We were excited to have a truly international group of speakers visiting Brown, with doctoral students coming together from England, Germany, Israel, Canada, and from throughout the United States, to explore the functions of myth in the past and present, its role in society and its connections to themes such as nationalism, community-building, and the construction of identity.
As the conference showed, the critical investigation of myths and their functions is not only a timely and crucial project in the study of Germany, but also has repercussions for the broader context of European society and the question of European identity. Thus, our conference contributed to Brown University’s continuing commitment to the examination of the idea of Europe in both a contemporary and historical setting. This web presence will serve to facilitate an ongoing conversation on the topics and issues explored.

This conference was made possible 
through the generous support of Brown University's

Department of German Studies
Department of History
The Cogut Center for the Humanities
Office of International Affairs
The Graduate Student Council

Department of Philosophy
Department of Slavic Languages

Department of Comparative Literature
The Joukowsky Institute
Department of Religious Studies
Department of Italian Studies
Department of Hispanic Studies
Department of Theatre Arts and Performance Studies
The Pembroke Center for Teaching and Research on Women

The poster features a photograph of the Neues Museum Berlin, © Martin Krause.