Friday, 22 April 2011

Smith-Buonanno Lobby

Welcome Address
Smith-Buonanno 201

1:30pm - 3pm
Anti(que) Myths: Reception of and Critique through Ancient Myths
Moderator: Michael Powers (Brown University)
Smith-Buonanno 201

Jacob A. VanderKolk (Penn State):
The Bonfire of the Nation Myth: Hermann Broch's Anti-Mythic Method in Der Tod des Vergil

Cindy K. Renker (University of Texas, Dallas):
Remnants of the Prometheus Myth in the Poetry of Paul Celan

Johannes Stobbe (Freie Universität Berlin):
“Arbeit an der Differenz”? Heiner Müller’s Reworking of Ancient Myth and Greek Tragedy in his Late Work

3pm - 3:30pm
Coffee Break

3:30pm - 5pm
Vergangenheitsbewältigung as / through Myths
Moderator: Heidi Tworek (Harvard University)
Smith-Buonanno 106

Kathryn Sederberg (University of Michigan):
The Work of the Trümmerfrau: Rubble-Clearing and Forgetting in Postwar Germany

Jonathon M. Hoye & Benjamin Nienass (New School for Social Research, New York):
Myth-Making and the Arendtian Lens: Germany's Politics of Meta-Memory

Katharina Kim Wolff (Universität Hamburg):
Heilige Heimat, Untotes Volk: Myth-Destruction in Elfriede Jelinek's Polyphonic Monodrama Wolken.Heim

Bondage or Autonomy:
The Meaning of Myth in Critical Theory
Keynote Address by Prof. Peter Uwe Hohendahl, followed by reception
Smith-Buonanno 106

Saturday, 23 April 2011


10am - 11:30am
Mythmaking = Community-Making?
Moderator: Jonathan Sozek (Brown University)
Smith-Buonanno 106

Benjamin Brand (Brown University):
Wieland’s Exodus of the Abderites: An Etiologic Myth of Irony as Resolution of the Cosmopolitanism/Patriotism-Conflict

Eliah M. Bures (University of California, Berkeley):
“Leute von Übermorgen und von Vorgestern”: Myth, Community, and Spiritual Resistance in Ernst Jünger’s Postwar Imagination

Eric Scheufler (University of Washington, Seattle):
Collecting (Hi)Stories: Exploring the Other, the Self, and the Nation through Trojanow’s Der Weltensammler

11:30am - 1pm
Lunch Break

1pm - 2:30pm
German Nationalism and its Myths
Moderator: Sonja Glaab (Brown University)
Smith-Buonanno 106

Thomas Wortmann (Universität zu Köln):
Neglecting Hermann: Droste's Westphälische Schilderungen (with a sideglance at Die Judenbuche)

Dagmar Paulus (University of Nottingham):
Mountains, Myths, and the German Nation: Historical Discourse in Wilhelm Raabe's Novel Nach dem großen Kriege

Nicolas Bechter (Hebrew University, Jerusalem):
Myth, History, and Romantic Anticapitalism in the Works of Richard Wagner

2:30pm - 3pm
Coffee Break

3pm - 4:30pm
National Identities - Mythical Identities?
Moderator: Silja Maehl (Brown University)
Smith-Buonanno 106

Beyza Atmaca (Penn State):
Myth and Identity in Zafer Şenocak's Köşk

Alisa van Kleef (Rice University, Houston):
Towards an Historical Understanding of Thomas Mann's Betrachtungen eines Unpolitischen

Rebecca Dolgoy (Université de Montréal):
Bullet Holes, Red Arrows, Facades: Mythological History and Three Berlin Museums

Closing Remarks
Smith-Buonanno 106